Manufacturing Academy



Green Remodeling and Construction Academy

This four-year program is for students who enjoy hands-on classroom environments and who may not always flourish in a lecture/homework classroom setting.    The focus of the Green Remodeling and Construction Academy (GR&C) is to teach remodeling using green remodeling and materials.  Remodeling is different from new construction as it uses different materials and building techniques to complete the structure. The cost of remodeling is more attractive to homeowners and they can construct and design to their specific needs. The education and training received by the students of the green remodeling and construction Academy will help to fill the employment needs of the valley and also give the students life-long students should they choose another career path.


GR&C students will be scheduled into Math and Science courses together with teachers who are members of the GR&C Academy. Students are expected to enroll in Math all four years of high school.

In the 9th grade year, GR&C students will enroll in the same introductory as the Manufacturing and Industrial Technology Academy students. In the 10th-12th grades students will take a GR&C course as one of their elective courses.

Manufacturing in Industrial Technology (MIT)


This four-year program allows students to combine their academic skills with an infusion of technology. Students explore the theory, application, availability and growth of modern technology in an application approach to learning. They are introduced to and work with state-of the-art equipment with support from industry partners. Successful students are prepared for immediate entry into the workforce and / or entrance into college or university education.

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