Physical Education

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The core PE program stresses development of skills in a wide variety of activities to encourage students to find ways to enjoy physical activity in leisure time and to develop awareness of the importance of personal fitness.

Every student is evaluated on progress in the following areas:
  • effects of physical activity on dynamic health
  • mechanics of body movement
  • aquatics
  • gymnastics and tumbling
  • individual and dual sports
  • rhythms and dance
  • team sports

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PE Clothing requirements:
  • All physical education students are required to wear the prescribed uniform listed below. Failure to wear this uniform will result in point deductions from the PE grade.
  • Official uniforms are available for purchase by all PE students. The cost is $10.00 for shirts and $10.00 for shorts. Checks should be made payable to Mt. Pleasant High School.
  • Uniforms or sweater suits issued to students by coaches for participation on a school team, may not be worn in PE classes.

The Uniform Consists of:

  • Gray Mt. Pleasant T-shirt or a solid gray T-shirt.
  • Black Mt. Pleasant shorts or solid black shorts.
  • Athletic socks.
  • Athletic shoes (should have rubber soles and provide good support for the foot in order to decrease risk of injury; No boots or sandals).
  • Solid, black or gray “fleece” type sweat shirts and sweat pants are optional. Other school clothing (jackets, sweaters, jeans, “silky” or “designer type sweater, etc) may not be worn as a uniform.