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Associate Principal of Education Development

Mr. Ngoc-Hung "JD" Do
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Associate Principal of Education Development
I immigrated to the United States when I was 10. In High School I was an English Language Learner but I persevered and graduated from Piedmont Hills High School. I was rejected by UC Davis so I went to San Jose State. At SJSU, I Changed my Major once from Computer Science to Public Health and graduated in 2005. When I became a school counselor back with East Side Union High School District, I thought I would retire as one. However, my path took me from Silver Creek to Evergreen Valley, Foothill, and now I've been blessed and fortunate to be with the Cardinals Family. 
I love to travel and have been to 4 continents. I was lucky enough to see 3 Popes in person (one of them is a saint now). 
Through my experiences I have three philosophies that I hold near and dear: 1) Each and every person can succeed. 2) It is OK to Fail. 3) Everyone deserves a 2nd Chance to change their narratives.