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UC/CSU A-G Requirements - College Prep Courses


To apply to Universities of California and California State Universities, students must complete the "A-G" course requirements below with at least ‘C’ grades, though higher grades are recommended, as well as meet other eligibility requirements. (Courses in our Course Catalogwith a "P" next to the course number indicate a course that satisfies the "A-G" requirements.) 

Subject Area Number of Years Required

= History (includes World, U.S., and Government)

2 years

B = English 

4 years, college preparatory English

C = Mathematics (must pass Algebra 2)

3 years, 4 recommended (3yrs for SJSU)

D = Science

2 years, 3-4 recommended (2 years for SJSU)

E = World Language

2 years of the same language, 3-4 recommended (2 yrs for SJSU)

F = Visual Performing Arts

1 year 

G = Electives

1 year from the "A-F" categories (includes some CTE courses)

Please note that while many private colleges require rigorous courses like those that satisfy the "A-G" requirements, they may have other additional or different requirements. Students interested in applying to private and/or out-of-state colleges and universities should contact the college, visit the college website, or email a MP Counselor.