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The Mt. Pleasant High School Mathematics Department provides a strong and broad curriculum ranging from introductory courses like Integrated Mathematics 1 and Introduction to Computer Science, all the way up to advanced courses like AP Statistics and AP Calculus BC. Additionally, we offer accelerated courses over the Summer for students wishing to advance their learning.

To graduate, students are required to earn 20 mathematics credits and earn passing grades in two years of mathematics courses (typically Integrated Mathematics 1 and 2).
Admission into the the California State University system requires 30 credits and at least a C in Integrated Mathematics 3. To be competitive for admission into the University of California system we recommend at least 4 years of mathematics, culminating in at least 1 year of Calculus; for students entering into high school and taking Integrated Mathemtics 1, this will likely necessitate at least 1 summer accelerated course.
Additionally we offer in-person tutoring through the ASSETS program, online tutoring through Paper, and host various mathematics-related clubs including MESA, DECA, Data Science and Sports Analytics, and Integrate This!

Courses Offered
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  • Integrated Mathematics 1
  • Integrated Mathematics 2
  • Integrated Mathematics 3
  • AP Precalculus
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics
  • Introduction to Computer Science