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Drama / Theater

All courses meet the Fine Arts graduation requirement for Mt. Pleasant  High School. Many
courses meet the UC/CSU requirement. UC/CSU require that students complete courses within
the same academic year and within the same course.
Note: Courses noted with a “P” in front of their title indicate qualification for A-G eligibility. A
grade of D- will meet district graduation requirements, but a grade of C- or higher is required to
fulfill UC/CSU/private universities entrance requirements.

Fine Arts Courses  UC/CSU  (A-G Categories: F)
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T3000XX.  P-Drama 1
Grade Level: 9-12 
Requirement Prerequisites: None
Description: This is a theatre introduction course which covers acting techniques, movement, character and script analysis, and theatre history. Special topics may include pantomime, improvisation, puppetry, playwriting, musical theatre, auditioning, and vocal work. This is a performance class with participation and performance requirements.
T3050XX.  P-Drama 2-4
Grade Level: 10-12 
Requirement Prerequisites: Previous Drama work or instructor approval Description:
This course builds on previous drama skills exploring production needs, technical theater, and Shakespeare. Students will be involved in a full production including set design and creation, props, costumes, blocking, stage business, and marketing. Extra topics may include children's theater, stage combat, and directing. This is a performance class with participation requirements.