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Physical Education

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All courses meet the Physical Education and Elective graduation requirements for East Side Union High School District only.
The core PE program stresses development of skills in a wide variety of activities to encourage students to find ways to enjoy physical activity in leisure time and to develop awareness of the importance of personal fitness.

Every student is evaluated on progress in the following areas:
  • effects of physical activity on dynamic health
  • mechanics of body movement
  • aquatics
  • gymnastics and tumbling
  • combatives (kickboxing)
  • individual and dual sports
  • rhythms and dance
  • team sports

P1000X9.   Physical Education (PE) Course 1 
Grade Level: 9 
Prerequisite: None
Duration: Year Long
Description: This course provides the first year core curriculum for all incoming 9th graders. They will participate and  demonstrate proficient movement skills from the following activities; aquatics, dance/rhythms and individual and dual sports. This course will also provide for students to achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles and strategies as they apply to learning and performance of physical activity. Course 1 students are required to take and pass the California Physical Fitness test (5 of 6 tests).

P2000XX.  Physical Education (PE) Course 2 
Grade Level: 10
Prerequisite: Pass one semester of PE Course 1 with a “D-” 
Duration: Year Long
Description: PE Course 2 will focus on the advanced development of motor skills and movements, expand upon the skills and goals from Course 1 while focusing on self- defense and combative sports, gymnastics, tumbling, and a wide variety of team activities. Students should have received a passing grade in both semesters of PE Course 1 in order to enter this course. This course is a coed environment and must be passed in order to enter a Course 3 elective in Physical Education, need to perform a variety of physical activities. Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles, and strategies

P3500XX.  PE Weight Training & Fitness 
Grade Level: 11-12
Prerequisites: Pass PE 1 and PE 2 with a “D-” or higher for all semesters
Duration: Year Long
Description: Students will practice and demonstrate various techniques with an emphasis on weight lifting and metabolic training in order to improve body composition, strength and aerobic capacity. The class will also include goal setting, nutrition and assessments of multiple fitness modalities.
This course is designed for students not able to participate in a regular physical education program
because of a physical handicap, either permanent or temporary, but who would benefit from a
modified program.

PE Uniform
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PE Clothing Requirements:
  • All Physical Education students are required to change into athletic attire for PE class. The prescribed uniform is listed below.
  • Students have the option of purchasing a Mt. Pleasant P.E. uniform from the school bank, or providing their own P.E. clothes. Shirts, shorts, sweats, and hooded sweatshirts are available for purchase in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Checks should be made payable to Mt. Pleasant High School.
  • Team uniforms or sweater suits issued to students by coaches for participation on a school team may not be worn in PE classes.
  • Please let your PE teacher know if you need help acquiring athletic attire due to financial or other reasons. We have a supply of gently used items available.

The Uniform Consists of:

  • Gray Mt. Pleasant T-shirt or a solid gray T-shirt.
  • Black Mt. Pleasant shorts or solid black shorts.
  • Athletic shoes (should have rubber soles and provide good support for the foot in order to decrease risk of injury; No boots or sandals). Socks should be worn with shoes.
  • Solid, black or gray “fleece” type sweat shirts and sweat pants are optional. 
Loaner Clothes
  • Students may borrow clothes for PE up to one class period per week as long as they are able to provide their student ID card for us to hold in the PE office during the class period they are borrowing.
  • Please note:
    • We do not loan sweats or sweatshirts.
    • We do not allow loaner clothes to be worn in the swimming pool.
    • We do not allow students to borrow clothes using someone else's ID card.

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