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Multimedia Academy

Our academy is dedicated to supporting youth media, we have been able to offer a variety of professional opportunities to our students. The Multimedia Academy helps students transform their ideas into media work and become active participants in society, owners of their creative work, and provides a meaningful path to college and careers in the media arts. The work is reflective, innovative, and representative of the diversity of young people who are eager to tell their own stories. Students’ films have screened at the local, state, national, International and twice at The United Nations in New York City. Students from this program have been recipients of the Adobe Scholarship and finalists and winners of the film awards for the past eight years. The Multimedia Academy continues to inspire and support students in developing and nurturing their creative spirit, and connecting youth both to their local community and to a global community of young creators.

Multi-Media with CTE

           This one-year course will provide students with the necessary background needed to prepare them for college art courses and entry-level skills in technology as it pertains to art.

Multimedia Arts 1

Multimedia Art 1 is a beginning level, introductory course that focuses student development on the three pillars of design: creative confidence, creative exploration, and career pathways.  Through visual thinking, shared creative expression, and the awareness of the impact of media in our lives, students gain a global perspective and personal voice.  This class is project-based, where students create with purpose and demonstrate their knowledge through sharing completed media projects. As an academy, students will have access to academic and professional learning opportunities that prepare them for college and beyond. Multimedia is about empowering youth to create media with purpose. Please check out our site at

Multimedia Arts 11 -MM2 (UC and CTE)

Multimedia Arts II is a project-based course that continues to explore multimedia with a foundation in video/film/audio production. The goal of the course is for the student to develop the ability to capture great video images and audio and to be able to edit those two elements together to tell a story. The creative process, design concepts such as typography, portfolio development, and career options will be examined further. Students in this course are introduced to the basic concepts of film/video production. Students develop skills in scriptwriting, equipment operation, video, and sound editing mainly through the production of a weekly student news program. Projects are beginning level by nature as students explore their creative capabilities and potential of equipment and technology. Professional workplace standards are established early and are expected of all students. Projects will continue to integrate various media such as images, text, animation, and sound, along with visual art elements, principles, history, aesthetics, 

Multimedia Arts 3 - MM3 (UC and CTE)

Multimedia Arts 3 is a project-based course that provides students with the opportunity to further explore and refine what they learned in Multimedia Arts 1 and 2. Course emphasis is on video and audio production tools supported with motion design. The goal of the course is for the student to expand their experience in video and film production by writing, producing, and editing their own short film. Students revisit studies of the integration of text, images, motion graphics, and interactivity in the creation of multimedia projects while exploring advanced techniques and concepts in art and technology. Students also research career and college opportunities, along with developing a professional portfolio for college entrance and/or job interviews. Successful completion of Multimedia Arts 3 will prepare students for college art courses and have advanced skills in the visual arts, media, and technology.

Multimedia Arts 4  (UC and CTE)

This is the final course in Multimedia Arts of a sequence of four years. The course is designed specifically to develop students as pre-professionals preparing them for college and the media profession with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to be strong visual thinkers, creative innovators, and have awareness of the impact of media. This final sequence in the Multimedia course structure's primary focus is a media production and promotion. Students will master visual storytelling, camera movement, sound, directing, editing, lighting, post-production work, motion, and graphic design and explore college majors and careers in the industry. Students will create usable media footage for their final portfolio and various film festivals and competitions. The course fulfills the “F”  in Fine Arts” high school graduation requirement and the UC A-G ( F) requirement. 

This is a very hands-on course with a heavy focus on learning by doing. Students will gain experience using basic video equipment and working as a group by producing short films, and a documentary, video vlogs, and podcasts. There is hands-on training on the fundamentals of the filmmaking process as well as the film and television industry. Work will be evaluated and critiqued in class. We will all be working together to get the best project in the end.

• Learn to operate a video camera.
• Learn about different types of cameras that can be used to capture professional-quality video and the pros and cons of each.
• Capture well-composed video images.
• Learn how to use video, audio, and lighting equipment.
• Capture great sound.
• Edit video and audio into a compelling story.
• Learn how to create graphic design products.
• Learn how to make a documentary.
• Learn how to make a movie by producing a short film.
• Learn how to create motion graphics.
Television Producer - Cinematographer - Camera Operator - Sound Recordist - Boom Operator - Sound Mixer - Folley Artist - Video Editor - Video Director - Assistant Director - Gaffer - Grip - Production Assistant - News Reporter, Motions Graphics Artist, Video Artist, Advertising, Multimedia Desinger.  


Multimedia one

Multimedia two

Multimedia Three

Multimedia Four