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The study of a foreign language is a valuable part of a general education program. All students can benefit from the skills and broadened cultural understanding which result from the study of a foreign language. Academically able students who are not planning to attend college should not be discouraged from studying a foreign language. All foreign language courses are college preparatory and fulfill the one-year Foreign Language / Fine Arts requirements needed for graduation from high school. They also fulfill University of California and California State University admission requirements.

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F410XX.  Spanish 1 
(9th to 12th graders)      
The first level of the Spanish language program gives students the opportunity to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish. Instruction emphasizes accurate pronunciation and fluency. The student will develop basic survival skills through the study of grammatical structures and of the vocabulary necessary for elementary communication. An added component is the introduction to the culture, traditions and customs of Spanish-speaking people.   
F4200XX.  Spanish 2 
(10th to 12th graders)   
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 1.
The second level of the Spanish language is the second year of the traditional college preparatory sequence. The course begins with a systematic review of the materials presented in level 1. Subsequent units present new material to provide greater depth in the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The class will also stress the understanding and appreciation of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.   
F4300XX.  Spanish 3 
(11th and 12th graders)      
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 2.This is an advanced course in Spanish. Its main focus is proficiency in all of the following skills: Listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. This is achieved by conversations, role-plays, and literary readings that emphasize the historical and contemporary contexts of the culture. Spanish 3 includes a systematic review of all previously covered material as well as the introduction of new material. Ability to express oneself both orally and in writing is the primary goal of the activities in Spanish 3.   

F4400XP.  Spanish Language AP 
(12th graders)  
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 3.This fourth year of Spanish is for the student who has chosen to develop near native mastery of the Spanish language. Students who enroll should already have a good command of the grammar and considerable competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will work on the concepts needed to converse in Spanish in various contexts, regardless of topic, and to comprehend newspaper, magazine, and literary works. The goal of this course is to prepare the students to take the Advanced Placement Examination in the Spanish language.  

Spanish for Heritage Speakers Program  -   Programa de Español para Hispano-Hablantes

Este programa está diseñado para estudiantes cuya lengua materna es el español. En estas clases, el estudiante aprenderá el lenguaje español y lo perfeccionará a través del estudio de la historia, cultura y literatura de los países latinos. También se estudiarán los problemas políticos y socio-económicos que enfrenta el mundo hispano-hablante. Estos cursos de español satisfacen el requisito de idiomas extranjeros requerido para ingresara la universidad.  Al terminar el segundo año de estudio, el estudiante tendrá la oportunidad de tomar el examen de AP Español en lenguaje. Este examen le ofrece al estudiante la oportunidad de recibir crédito universitario.


F5100XX.  Spanish  for Heritage Speakers
(9th to 12th graders) 
Prerequisite: Ability to understand and speak Spanish at native or near native speaker fluency.  
This college preparatory course is for students whose home language is Spanish. In this first level of the Spanish for Spanish-speakers program, the student will develop their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills in Spanish. Students will study Hispanic history and culture, as well as the political and socio-economic issues facing the Spanish-speaking world. In this class, the student will be introduced to the study of grammar and literature of the Spanish language. The student will be expected to participate orally through debates, oral presentations, demonstrations, speeches and student lectures. Writing assignments for this course will focus on the advanced paragraph and the three paragraph essay. The differences between formal and informal language, both oral and written, will be stressed throughout the year.
F4400SP Spanish for Heritage Speakers/Language AP
(10th to 12th graders) 
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish for Heritage Speakers.
This is a second level of the Spanish for Heritage Speakers program. In this class the students will continue to perfect his / her Spanish through an in-depth study of culture, history, literature, grammar, and current events. This will continue to be achieved by oral presentations such as demonstration speeches, student lectures and class debates on contemporary sociological and political matters of the day. The study and analysis of Spanish language literature (which includes Spanish, Latin American and Chicano literature) is also emphasized. Students at this level write compositions of various types and purposes, but primarily focus on writing the five paragraph expository essay. The main focus of this honors course will be to prepare the student to pass the AP Language Test. At the end of this second year of study, the student will have the opportunity to take the Spanish Language Advanced Placement Test.

F5300XP.  Spanish for Heritage Speakers/Literature AP 
(11th to 12th graders)  
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish Language AP and / or teacher approval.
This is the third level of the Spanish for Spanish-speakers program. The main goal of this course is the analytical and interpretative study of the Spanish literature that is addressed in the Spanish Advanced Placement Literature Examination. This course also emphasizes the study of Hispanic history. Particular emphasis is given to the significant philosophical, political, social, and cultural movements that molded or influenced the literature of Hispanic authors. Students at this level write advanced paragraphs, five paragraph essays, and outlines. Students are also required to give formal speeches, oral presentations, and participate in debates. Since a great deal of reading, listening, writing, and speaking is accomplished in this course, it is expected that the student’s skills in these areas will increase proportionately to his / her effort.