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Community Based Organizations (CBO)

The City Peace Project (TCPP) is a community-based organization that provides personal mentorship that
emphasizes essential disciplinary skills, fosters consistent accountability, and instills character-defining
values in youth. Through personal mentorship, TCPP promotes life-altering values and skills that equip
students to cultivate lives marked by love and peace. TCPP provides Tier 1,2, and 3 support to our students
and their families. Staff members sit with and support students who are having a hard time adjusting or
going to class. They offer in-class academic support and tutoring for homework. Staff members on campus
assist as mentors for students being sent to the office because of behavior issues or personal challenges.
TCPP offers incentives for good behavior and active peacemaking on campus to help keep students on track
as well as relationship-building, and pro-social events including recreational or outdoor activities.
As a Tier 2 intervention, TCPP holds regular on-campus meetings with groups of students to develop healthy
habits and learn conflict resolution and other life skills. In varying group sizes, they address common issues
that keep struggling students from succeeding and provide motivational coaching to positively modify
behavior and inspire youth to succeed in all aspects of life.
New Hope for Youth (NHFY) is another community-based organization on campus every day to serve and
reach out to at-risk students and those facing adversity, along with their families and the community. NHFY
services include individual and family care and resources that promote a healthy, positive, and productive
lifestyle. They provide one-on-one and group intervention, as well as group work for students who are
gang-impacted. They also support student conflict resolution through mediation. NHFY staff members
become a part of the campus community and engage with students displaying signs of involvement in
negative behaviors on campus and intervene to redirect their actions.